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C D De Fonseka & Sons (pvt) Ltd
C D De Fonseka & Sons (pvt) Ltd, is the parent company which diversified to three other companies , namely CDDEF Manufacturing & Merchants (pvt) Ltd , CDDEF Exports (Pvt) Ltd and CDDEF Estates (pvt) Ltd. With diversified assets and portfolio of services, goods, C D de Fonseka & Sons (pvt) Ltd strive for growth and modernity in Sri Lanka manufacturing.
CDDEF Manufacturers & Merchants (Pvt) Ltd (CMM)
CDDEF Manufacturing and Merchants (pvt) Ltd, (CMM) is engaged manufacturing pharmaceuticals including world recognized antiseptic liquid “ DETTOL” on behalf Reckit Benkiser Lanka Ltd, a multinational Company. Also “COLMANS” instant orange drink is manufactured for the same company. CMM further manufactures our Soy Sauce, Tomato Sauce, BBQ Sauce and the whole other product range which we distribute locally.

"The vision for the formation of CDDEFF Manufacturers and Merchants (Pvt) Ltd., tin the year 2002 was an arm for the expansion which introduced new product portfolios viz. wet sauce, range of instant drinks and a new product of condiments variety. In a short period of 05 years the company achieved considerable growth and continues to perform exceptionally." - Chairman, Mr. Rohantha de Fonseka.
CDDEF Exports (pvt) Ltd
CDDEF Exports (pvt) Ltd is the arm for international business. Under the brand name “COCORA” premium coconut vinegar and value added other products such as Aminos, Kithul honey Infused Vinegar, Soy Sauce etc., are manufactured for international market.

"In the year 1999 CDDEF Exports (Pvt) Ltd. was formed as an export arm for the export of coconut vinegar. In the mid 2000 years, the company embarked on manufacturing of high strength vinegar by using sugar cane alcohol under patent for the export market. This is another salient venture achieved by the company in the shortest period of its existence.
This proclaims the 2nd factory of this nature in the South Asia to produce high strength vinegar. In the latter part of 2006 – 2008 the company was able to meet the total requirement of vinegar used by the local gherkin pickle industry for the export market. This company presently is involved in the export of refined vinegar out of coconut sap for the export market."
- Chairman, Mr. Rohantha de Fonseka.
CDDEF Estates (pvt) Ltd
CDDEF Estates (pvt) Ltd is situated in hill country and is involved in the manufacturing of Tea, Pepper and Nutmeg etc.,

"With the acquisition of Herondale Estates primarily Tea Plantation and Morakanda Estates primarily a spice cultivation and the development taken in these properties will sustain an image to advocate the group for its production of condiments and a new range of production with a variety of flavoured tea." - Chairman, Mr. Rohantha de Fonseka.