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Late Mrs. Constance de Fonseka who was an energetic lady took over the business to the next stage by going into supply contracts to a number of reputed multinational companies, mainly with M/s Reckit & Colmans Pvt Ltd in 1971 which was a remarkable turning point of the company. The brand name of “Colmans” still accredits for the largest market share in coconut vinegar from the day one they joined with us in biz. With further development we achieved the sole contract for manufacturing of Dettol and Colmans mixture (cordial) for the same biz partner.

In the same time we are priviledged of manufacturing our food products under well reputed brand names such as, “Raigam, Harischandra, Delmege, MD, Turkey, Ruhunu Foods, Ruhunu Royal”, etc. Contract manufacturing is a way of life at C D De Fonseka & Sons (pvt) Ltd group of companies for over a hundred years. We have developed extensive relationship by carrying out business to business contractors.

Our reltionships with our clientale are familial, it lasts long and we do provide customized services to our clientale. We have customer relations for over 4 decades with Reckitt & Benkciser and our association with Harishandra is a couple decades old, we are proven to be in it for the long run, this proves our business ethics and the quality of service we provide.